List Engineering Unveils New Book

by Wendy Walker

List Engineering Unveils New Book Image 1

List Engineering, a leading mechanical engineering firm serving the Central Coast, introduces “Engineering the Future: Notes on Systems, Design and Nature,” a pocket-sized book exploring List Engineering’s core principles and practices with a focus on integrated building design.

According to List Engineering Principal Debbie Blue, “Engineering the Future” is part of a strategic communication plan for exchanging innovative ideas with architects and the greater building community. “It’s another way to leverage our knowledge and experience in such a way that we can efficiently support one another,” she said. 

Designed by Takigawa Design, the book explores topics such as basic heating, ventilating and cooling systems, occupant comfort, high performance strategies, natural ventilation and the changing world of HVAC design.

Book Excerpt

“One of the first steps in any building project is to maximize available free energy. This is where we need great architects. By properly orienting and constructing a building, it is possible to harvest the energy of the climate and drive down a structure’s energy demand. Designing ecologically requires a revolution in thinking that changes the kinds of questions we ask, from how we can do the same things more efficiently, to deeper questions: Do we need it? Is it ethical? What impact does it have on the community? What is the cost over its expected lifetime?”

"Integrating the knowledge and insights of architects, engineers and other invested talent helps achieve the most beautiful, alive, and efficient buildings. It also demands that the needs of people and the planet as well as prosperity all work together as part of a larger whole."