Introducing Raymond Duenas!

by Deborah Blue

Introducing Raymond Duenas! Image 1

List Engineering Company is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team, Raymond Duenas! Raymond comes to us from Southern California, a graduate of UC Irvine. With his EIT behind him, he is excited to take his PE test later this year.

Raymond’s passion for engineering began as a young boy watching his father work as a Mechanical Engineer. Growing up Raymond loved to take things apart and try to rebuild them into something different. As a college freshman, Raymond successfully rebuilt the engineer of his car, not as a hobby but out of necessity, like any other college kid he had no money.

While at UC Irvine Raymond became involved in clubs such as the Rocket Project where he worked as a propulsion team leader developing static tests devices for rockets and calculated ideal parameters for rocket engine stability. He was also involved in the Human Powered Aircraft Club in which he lead the design and manufacturing of the propeller hub. At school, Raymond assisted as a teacher and a tutor. Today, Raymond continues to develop his skills in HVAC and plumbing design.

Through List Engineering Company Raymond has become a member of our local AIA and our Chamber of Commerce. Raymond is looking forward to exploring all that Northern California has to offer & make this his new home.